KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2021 List | KBC Lottery Winner 2021

Be very careful while checking the KBC Jio lottery winner 2021 list, For billions of people worldwide, playing lottery games calls for immense entertainment and excitement. The picture is no different in India. Rather, millions and millions of money get invested in lottery games daily. What if you can combine the excitements in lottery games with the thrills in playing one of the most exciting quiz shows in the history of Indian television? If so, the KBC Jio Lottery is the right option to pick. On the opinion of Jio owner Mukesh Ambani KBC ( Kaun Banega Crorepati) has included all the Jio sim card in KBC lucky draw 2021. So on the report of Sony Tv now all the Jio users will get 2 chances each month to Jio lottery online in KBC all India Sim card lucky draw.

As you can make it from the name itself, you get to participate in the famous show KBC, and at the same time, you can earn a decent amount of money. As a lucky KBC Jio lottery winner 2021, you can become a Jio millionaire in this new year. According to Jio, The most KBC Jio lottery winners are Mr. Imran Khan DK, Mr. Amir Khan AK, Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma and Mr. Rahul Kumar Verma. The Most Common Jio lottery Winner is Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, Mr. Vijay Kumar and Mr. Rajesh Kumar. Similarly the most 25 lakh lottery winner in Jio is Ganyaal Singh.

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2021 List Today

As stated by Jio owner Mukesh Ambani the latest KBC Jio lottery winner 2021 is:

No:Jio Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:
1.Abid Ali Boom Boom25,00,000 INR0150
2.Sajid Ali Saja25,00,000 INR0115
3.Vinod Kumar Singh25,00,000 INR8991
4.Vijay Kumar25,00,000 INR10010921
5.Rana Pratap Singh35,00,000 INR89917
6.Rajesh Kumar35,00,000 INR738892
7.Rahul Thakur50,00,000 INR89918
8.Laxmi Devi50,00,000 INR0077
KBC Jio lottery winner list 2021

On the report of Sony TV this is the most KBC Jio lottery winner 2021 list if you have any query about winners list please contact Jio KBC Head office number 0019188444474.

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2021
Register now only on Jio KBC Lucky Draw

How can one solve the trouble of the KBC lottery winner of Jio?

The customers are being informed about their lottery by the cheater. Hence, the customers are getting upset over their prizes. Naturally, they do know what they should do other than walking down the same path as their attackers. One must remain calm and talk to the KBC authentic helpline at 0019188444479. You will receive instructions from the department of kbc jio lottery winner 2021 about the mishaps. You should pay any charges to your imitators because the KBC Jio department does not take any responsibilities regarding payments associated with wrongdoings.

One must instantly contact the head office if they get a WhatsApp call or a phone call. You too will be relieved once you dial the official landline or WhatsApp numbers.
Here is a list of ten winners of twenty-five lakhs today of Jio KBC lottery
The lists of KBC winners are regularly updated. Now we will show you the top ten winners of the Imo lottery winner and KBC lottery in January 2021.

The first list of KBC winners 2021

  • Mr. Ram Pandya became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Mumbai of 25 lakhs.
  • Mr. Jai Kumar Arora became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Kolkata of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Konkona Sharma became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Ahmedabad of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Kalki Jaswal became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Kochi of 25 lakhs.
  • Mr. Reyansh became the lottery winner in the city of New Delhi of 25 lakhs.
  • Mr. Raunak Kumar became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Varanasi of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Sandesh Singh became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Mangalore of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Lucknow of 25 lakhs.
  • Mr. Palwasha became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Jaipur of 25 lakhs.

The second list of KBC winner 2021

  • Mr. Aarnik Sharma became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Lucknow of 25 lakhs.
  • Mr. Anishk Kumar became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Kolkata of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Kajal Sharma became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Chennai of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Janaki Mohan became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Pune of 25 lakhs.
  • Mr. Malhar Manoj became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Delhi of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Himanshu Singhania became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Ahmedabad of 25 lakhs.
  • Mr. Kartik Raut became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Surat of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Meghana Ravi became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Sri Nagar of 25 lakhs.
  • Ms. Gayathri Kumari became the KBC lottery winner in the city of Mumbai of 25 lakhs.
  • Mr. Jagan Deep became the KBC lottery winner in the city of New Delhi of 25 lakhs.

Now, let us draw each month in which we may select seven numbers who may win ten lakhs to twenty lakhs and five people who may be lucky to win twenty-five lakhs. If odds are in your favour, you may as well be among these people.

An overview of the KBC Lucky Draw 2021

Contrary to the conventional lottery tickets, you need to purchase your ticket for the KBC lucky draw in this case. You need to call up the head office of KBC, and consequently, you will get your lottery number. After that, you need to wait till the declaration of the winner for the day. The show involves question and answer series that allows you to acquire significant knowledge on topics like general knowledge, political affairs, current affairs, history, and culture. It would be best if you kept waiting for the number assigned to your name to win the deal. 
Thus, the KBC Jio lottery is a completely different ball game. You stand the best chances to make some decent amount of money within the minimum time. The best part is that you need not take any effort for your fate to shine. Besides, you do not need to buy tickets. Thus, its scheme enables you to try your luck without staking a penny out of your pocket. What better can you expect?.

Jio KBC Lucky Draw 2021
Jio KBC Lucky Draw

How does the KBC Jio lottery operate?

This lottery game aims to benefit the mass by making a fair amount of money. Here, the winner gets selected based on the phone numbers of participants. To prevent any chances of manipulation of the draw, the entire process goes automated. 

Participants can enhance their chances of winning the deal by recharging their mobile account to enhance the account balance and the chances of winning the draw.  This way, you will get back the best value for your investments in recharging your phone. It was never so easy to win a lottery!! 
The KBC Jio lottery winner 2021 list gets updated on an ongoing basis. Even if you are not winning the deal this time, you will still have the chance to make it in the subsequent months as you keep up recharging your mobile. You can even get a lottery ticket at your house through the official helpline numbers. 

Moreover, the support team at the KBC head office keeps working around the clock, helping participants when their assistance is needed the most. You are going to make an exceptional experience as you participate in these games.

How to Check KBC Lottery Online

Tricks and tips to win the KBC Jio Lottery 

If you want to join the Lucky Draw, you inevitably need a valid number from any mobile operator in the country. Now, you have to keep up recharging your phone to enhance the mobile balance. Remember, the more frequent and higher the value of recharge, the more chances of winning the draws. The draw happens on the last day of every month. The result of the draw gets published on the first and second day of the following month. You will get the list of the winner of the draw on the official KBC website. 

KBC Jio lottery is the best chance to make it big 

The KBC Jio lottery has attained exceptional popularity within the minimum time. It is obvious because you can make a good amount of money without making any significant effort or staking any resources out of your pocket. Thus, it is a win-win deal for participants from all perspectives. 

You need to keep up recharging your mobile that will keep escalating your chances of winning the draw. If you are lucky, you can earn a cash reward in the range between 25 Lakhs and 10 Crore. 

Be careful about fraudsters KBC Fake Calls

Nothing is perfect under the sun. The KBC Jio lottery may have fetched the best chances to earn a good amount of money. On the other hand, it has become a soft target for fraudulency. These days, people get fake calls, prompting that their phone number has been selected in the KBC lucky draw. Consequently, they ask to deposit some money before they can claim their prize money. The trauma is that people are swallowing this temptation, paying money for getting rewards that they never won. 
The fact is, the KBC Jio lottery has no system of calling the winners. The draw results get published on the official website. If your mobile number has been selected as a winner, you will find the official web page information. You should never trust any calls coming from any non-verified number. 

Participate In The Biggest Lucky Draw- Be A KBC Lottery Winner

Kon Banega Crorepati is one of the popular shows to Indians. Lots of Indians like to watch every episode of the program. Surely, the anchoring style of Amitabh Bachchan is one of the major attractions to the audience. However, the audience also enjoys the performance of every participant. Kon Banega Crorepati has a lottery system helping you to earn money. But, websites are using the term KBC to attract visitors in a deceitful way. You must keep away from those fake sites. The genuine and official site is https://kbcjiolotterywinner.info. You can visit the site and learn more about the KBC lottery.

Find information of KBC lottery winners

The trusted and genuine website of the KBC lottery displays the original list of winners. You will also find the biodata of every KBC lottery winner. The website’s user-friendly interface lets you scroll the page and get the desired information about the lottery and winners. Moreover, you can find details of the date of winning the lottery and the money check. Before registering for the lottery, you can verify the site. Some fake websites may ask you to pay an amount for the registration process. However, KBC lottery registration is a free process, and thus, you can easily detect fake sites.

Registering for the KBC lottery- Know the process
Some fake sites may ask you to submit your address, phone number, and other details. However, the official KBC lottery site does not want these details to accomplish the registration. It has advanced technology to access your personal information essential for the lottery. Thus, everything is safe for you on this real platform. You have to visit the site and get the lottery serial number in the registered mobile number. You must note down this number for future use. Store the number carefully to avoid losing the opportunity to participate in the lottery. However, you have to be an Indian SIM card owner for free registration.

How to know when you are a KBC winner 2021

Every time you register for the lottery, you have to be careful of the fraudulence. When someone has made you a phone call regarding the lottery, you must not reveal sensitive information. The cyber police have found that most lottery frauds and criminals are from Pakistan. When an unknown caller has called you to claim that you are a lucky winner, you must not trust him.

There are some websites to help you in checking the lottery result. You can visit those sites, enter the lottery number, and add the registered mobile number. These sites will enable you to find a list of real winners.
Other instructions on how to take part in the lottery
KBC has done everything to help you in taking part in the lottery to become a winner. You can check out your luck with KBC Lucky Draw 2021.

There are some steps to follow to play the game of lottery. Your first step is to recharge the SIM card, and it will be the registered mobile number to take part in the lottery. Every month you will get two chances to become a millionaire. Thus, it is a big opportunity to win a big amount with the Lucky Draw. Make your life prosperous by becoming a winner.
You have to be updated, as the competition will be held on the 1st and 15th day of a month. Do not miss a single chance to win the lottery. No one knows when luck will favor you.

However, when someone in a phone call has called you to consider you a winner, you must be cautious. The frauds can ask you to click on a link to help them in depositing the fund. You should not do it without checking the reliability.

Does KBC conduct a lottery online on WhatsApp?

KBC lottery enthusiasts might have seen the circulation of the viral message about the lucky draw. The message says that the contest will be held on WhatsApp. It also mentions the name of prominent personalities, like Narendra Modi, Mukesh Ambani, and Amitabh Bachchan. The message reveals a WhatsApp number, and contestants have to contact that number for more information. However, these things are fake, and viewers need to be careful before using the given WhatsApp number.

We can now conclude that the KBC lottery can change your luck with a big cash prize of 25 Lakh. It is very easy to register your name for the free lottery. To solve queries related to the KBC Jio lottery winner list 2021, you can dial the number 0019188444479. It is the only number of KBC head office. When you have received any fake call, you can make a phone call to the head office. Take every step carefully to avoid financial issues in the future.

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