WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2021 | KBC WhatsApp Winner 2021 list Today

t’s normal to get lottery-winning text messages nowadays, but you should be cautious. There are many scams nowadays, but the main similarity in all legit lotteries is that the person who contacts you must be an official. Network fraud is familiar to everyone, but there are important instructions for WhatsApp Winners.

To get these winnings, users are usually asked to send some amount of cash between one hundred and more dollars to a specific account. The sum is generally meant to meet the parties’ expenses, like tax, bank account fees, and commissions for transferring money. The winner doesn’t notice the amount as a loss; it appears insignificant compared to the amount you win.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 list WhatsApp

No:KBC Winner Name:Lottery Amount:Lottery Number:WhatsApp Number:
1Hari Parshad 25,00,000 INR8991986****854
2Priyanka Devi 35,00,000 INR0786868****546
3Sushant Kumar 35,00,000 INR 9384672****873
4Ashok Kumar Gupta 25,00,000 INR19083877****900
5Anjali Sharma 50,00,000 INR89990950****231
6Veer Singh Bahadur 25,00,000 INR11223780****566
7Vinod Yadav Singh 25,00,000 INR43521899****770
KBC WhatsApp Winner List 2021

WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2021

Scammers are taking advantage of the WhatsApp lottery this year, and they are sending WhatsApp audios to unsuspecting participants. These lottery frauds are using WhatsApp audios to call participants and lie to them about winning. The callers claim to be representatives of lottery firms, and they use this talk to lure victims.

The caller tells the victim they have won up to Rs 35 lakh, but they have to contact a branch manager first. The caller claims they will call the branch manager, but this is another one of their scammers. They insist on placing this call to steal from the victims, and they mostly talk about KBC lotteries.

These scammers tell victims to deposit registration fees or tax fees to get the Lottery. Victims will lose this money, and the scammer can get access to your PC and steal your banking details. Most of these scammers are hackers, and that’s why it’s advisable to be cautious even as you play the Lottery. Read on to find out more!

WhatsApp Lucky Draw Winning Numbers 2021

There is a WhatsApp lucky draw of winners going on each month, but it’s the KBC WhatsApp lucky draw. This is a big random draw globally, and many winners are up for the prize. Those who have what it takes get the chance to emerge as winners, and it’s an event with dignity. Many scams are going on, but this is a good and legit lottery that’s worth trying.

This is a big lucky draw that’s gaining popularity, and it’s bringing changes to how the world handles lotteries. It is easier and better than other lotteries because participants can verify their winning status online, and these systems are curbing fraud.

There was an older KBC system whereby participants had to meet some specifications before accessing their winning position, but now it is easy. Participants can use the free online system to match their videos to the winners’ list.

There is a chance to transform your life with the KBC lottery, and many citizens are benefiting. The best thing about this Lottery is that you can quickly enter the draw that goes on each month, and it has free registration systems, so you don’t incur other costs. The tax fees and registration costs are covered; hence you need to try your luck. This random draw is helping many people improve their lives because the amount to be won is usually lumpsum.

Currently, this great deal is going on in five countries, and private companies are supporting it. Banks are also contributing to the citizens’ welfare, and many awards are up for competition. Winning these prizes is a gamechanger, and no one should miss out on this deal.

WhatsApp Lucky Draw Winning Number 2021

Check KBC WhatsApp Lottery Online

Winning clients are getting equal treatment, and there’s no discrimination because this relies on pure luck. If you need clarification about how everything works, you can contact representatives of the Mumbai head office.

You can also watch the trending records of winners if you are a participant with high hopes of winning. Seeing how previous winners secure these records will inspire you to keep hoping for the best.

As you try your luck, keep in mind that many fraudsters use fair means to take advantage of this Lottery. Their strategy is to exploit participants by luring them into giving money to them in the name of they have won. Their design is to lot property from innocent people and hack their information to secure the funds. These fraudsters use victims’ data to exploit them, for instance, personal information like email addresses and official names. They are giving the KBC game show a bad name by imitating their original data and misguiding participants. Be cautious about such fraudsters, and you can always confirm the legitimacy of your winning status by checking the KBC lottery winning List on their website.

KBC Lottery Number Check

KBC Lottery Number Check This Year

This has been the latest trend this year in the KBC show. This lottery system was started by the manager Rana Pratap Singh, and it gained popularity within a short time.

In the previous years, players used to get the lottery ticket numbers from the head office of KBC. After many users started responding, the lottery firm converted the system and converted these ticket numbers online. This made it easier for participants, and they don’t need to go to the head office nowadays. All participants can buy this talking by just dialing a KBC contact.

All participants in the lucky draws go through the analysis, and their lottery number checklists are updated on the websites. All the participants can see their lottery numbers on the platform and know where they rank. This way, it is easy for participants to predict where they stand in the lottery competition.

There is a helpline that enables all participants to forward their queries and check their winning statuses. This is an excellent thing because, in such matches, there is a lot of anxiety involved and tension. Nobody knows when they will be cast out of the competition, and nobody knows the lucky winner. This is usually all about luck; hence second-guessing your position can be stressful. The online platform makes it easier for participants in the game.

WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2021

  • Mr. Harish Kumar Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 67890 WhatsApp Number 999*****144.
  • Mr. Imran Khan DK Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 89774 WhatsApp Number 874*****874.
  • Ms. Amandeep Kaur Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 1122 WhatsApp Number 734*****637.
  • Mr. Rabindra Malik Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 8991WhatsApp Number 898*****779.
  • Ms. Pooja Yadav Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 89774 WhatsApp Number 760*****675.
  • Mr. Mohammad Faisal Winning Amount 35 Lakh Lottery Number 7860 WhatsApp Number 678*****009.
  • Mr. Shikhar Gupta Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 55570WhatsApp Number 766*****102.
  • Mr. Himanshu Kumar Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 1774 WhatsApp Number 840*****541.
  • Ms. Manpreet Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 00789 WhatsApp Number 783*****445.

The best thing about KBC lotteries is that participants can check their statuses even by sending an SMS to the designated number. The text participants send the name lottery followed by spacing and then the name lucky mobile number. This is forwarded to the legit number, which is +1-918-8444474. The competition is stiff because everyone wants to be the lottery winner, and everyone wants to get the winning chance.

The KBC Lottery Winner 2021

This year there has been a new strategy for KBC lottery participants. There is a new Indian sim card that has been added automatically for lucky winners. After fifteen days, the head office performs the shortlisting, and only ten users enter the random draw. These users are usually those who have previously registered for the KBC lottery jackpot. All participants can emerge on the winning list and get the lottery prize quickly.

There is an official lottery website that enables users to access their status on the draw competitions. Participants can check their names, lottery numbers, and the amount they want to place on the website. Updates are available on the website often, and participants can access them freely.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp Previous Month

No:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:WhatsApp Number:
1Paramjit 25,00,000 INR65540908****654
2Bhaskar 35,00,000 INR 3345879****003
3Nazim Ali 25,00,000 INR 7890768****899
4Sanjay Mishra 50,00,000 INR 00123858****234
5Sonam Devi 25,00,000 INR 9800980****647
6Surya Kumar 35,00,000 INR 7666876****970
7Ankit Sharma 25,00,000 INR 4545788****556
8Riya 25,00,000 INR 12301861****233

FAQs about KBC Lottery Number Check

There are several queries about these KBC Lottery Number Checks 0150, 8991, 89910, & 0077. You may wonder why these are the basic numbers, but the truth is that they are considered the luckiest lottery numbers in this draw. The main questions are asked because people experience scams from people who send WhatsApp messages to participants.

These texts usually entail the lucky numbers, and if you are not careful, you can easily fall victim to such scams. Nobody likes losing to scammers, but it’s easy to lose money with lotteries, especially if you are not paying attention to details.

Nowadays, the world has transformed into a global scam, and people do everything for their gain. If you get suspicious texts that aren’t from the official lottery website, it is advisable to block the contacts, or else you might lose your money.

Participants should know that you will win every time you use these numbers. That’s why it’s advisable to ignore texts and calls from scammers, and victims should forward this information to the head office.

There is an online platform for participants to check winning statuses in case scammers contact with winning claims.

The legitimate numbers for KBC Lottery WhatsApp Numbers are;

  • 00917428461793
  • 00918009603468

Here’s how Participants Can Join the KBC Lottery Registration

You can register for the Lottery in two ways, but first, participants need to keep recharging their account and automatically select the lottery winners list. New users have to register first, but you can always contact the head office helpline for assistance.

You can always check out the list of winners; for instance, the KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winners list this year was;

  • Anurag Kapoor
  • Ms. Mansi Sinha
  • Gurdeep Singh
  • Mr. Jadhav
  • Manish Mishra
  • Ms. Priya Kumar
  • Miss Roshni

For the KBC Lottery Ticket, all users needed was to register online with the Lottery. This is done quickly by writing the message with their card number and sending it to the authorized number. After registering, users wait for the lucky draw announced, and winners are usually informed through a message. The official contact informs participants about their account number and the amount that has to be transferred.

Here’s What You Should Know as a KBC Lottery Player

  • Never count on luck

Many lottery winners will tell you how they don’t like being wished luck as they play. As a player, you should take this just like everything new you have ever done in your life. Participants should inform you before you start playing any game; hence, you should ask the experts first if you have no idea how it works.

  • Don’t choose numbers quickly

You should know that these numbers are computer-generated; hence you should take time to eliminate the options. Many people have won lotteries and prizes by just picking the correct number. These winners can attest that the choice of numbers matters a lot, and you can’t do it hastily.

  • Numbers that entail your birthday, anniversaries, etc., can be trick tickets.

It’s advisable to stay away from such tickets, especially those with significant dates. You should, however, limit yourself to numbers that increase winning chances. The numbers you pick shouldn’t be effective options.

  • Don’t change number combinations

As soon as you choose a combination of your number of options, you should stick there and avoid interchanging now and then. It is impossible to win if you keep changing numbers because this puts your odds of winning at the high end. This has been a proven factor by most of the world’s previous lottery winners.

  • Don’t let yourself be fooled by scams.
  • If you get a letter, email, or a call that seems suspicious, you shouldn’t fall for it easily. Weigh your options before accepting any rumors, especially those involving sending money before receiving a winning assurance.
  • Avoid myths and misconceptions

As a lottery player, know that you are in a risky activity; hence this isn’t the time to believe myths like the lottery curse myth. Keep in mind that this is a risk, and you should know how to handle the money you have or the money you expect to gain. Prioritize things like paying off debts, credit cards, etc.

If you have won and don’t know how to handle the money, it’s advisable to pay a financial advisor or planner. That’s how you will protect your future, but at the same time, you will have fun.

  • Remember that lottery tickets expire; hence, you should update yours every time as long as you participate and draw.

Necessary Instruction for WhatsApp Winners

How To Identify Fraudulent KBC lottery Message

Even previous lottery participants can attest that all winning messages in the Lottery should be considered fraudulent. If you have been in any lottery game and are hoping for a big win, ensure the person contacts you by your name and addresses you officially. By this, I mean the caller should know your lottery ticket number when you purchased it, and you should receive a letter with the name of the lottery organization.

It is easy to detect a fake lottery notification because it has a high chance of spelling mistakes. These are common signs of fraud because all legit lottery companies have editors who have written the winners’ letters well.

There will be instances when the fake message appears well written and mostly sent from legit mail servers. This can confuse you any minute, but ensure that you have all the evidence showing that the source is reputable.

There will be instances when you will be asked to reply to emails with different sender addresses with names like agent or manager, which is a sign of fraud. Remember that all fake lottery messages come with discrepancies, and you should watch out for them. With this in mind, you can successfully participate in any lottery and emerge as a winner.

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Fake

Here’s What a Scam Lottery Message Looks Like

You will realize it has some expressions that appear suspicious, like an address saying you’ve won. This is a sign that the message is part of a colossal lottery scam and if you haven’t used such addresses while participating in the draw, consider it a red flag.

It is rare for lottery firms to ask winners to give their emails, and they won’t communicate in such ways. Check the domain of the message source and confirm your suspicions, then stay woke!

Keep in mind that some fraudsters will expect recipients to suspect they are scams, and then they will attempt to convince them they are legit. That’s the main sign that they are a scam and are plausible.

Lottery firms also won’t cite long messages regarding winnings, and emails designed in a suspiciously long text are red flags.

These scammers know it’s easy for recipients to take the bait if the Lottery has a name of a reputable firm. These companies don’t have any power to handle how fraudsters exploit their names, so don’t expect reimbursement if you fall, victim.

If you get such emails, it’s advisable to contact the company and see if they have any lotteries on their site. There will probably be links to articles describing how this online fraud is happening, and many testimonies will be from victims.

You don’t need to be suckered by a linguistic creation looking to make money fast and illegally. It would be best to be cautious because the legit firms cannot mutilate the language in their lottery announcements.

The Rules to Avoid Online Lottery Fraud;

  • You can’t win any lottery unless you have participated in it, so don’t fall victim, when someone calls claiming you’ve succeeded in a competition you didn’t even participate in or join.
  • Never trust any translated text or an email with apparent mistakes.
  • Check the senders’ emails because lottery firms don’t send messages from a free mail service.
  • Before you feel excited that you have received a legit win, you should check all the information in search results. Look out for free things like lunch offers, and these are usually scams.

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